The Total Comm Systems mission statement is: To provide the communications industry with the leadership, management, systems, processes, and procedures to ensure efficient cost effective services with superior results.

All Total Comm Employees are required to attend the Total Comm Systems Leadership Conference annually. This curriculum trains our team members in the principles of leadership. This ensures that we build customers and vendor relationships that uphold integrity, honesty, service, quality, and excellence.

Our Management Candidate School (MCS) provides potential managers with a challenging course study followed by a 90 day post qualification probationary period. Our rigorous selection process coupled with the challenges of MCS produces highly skilled, highly motivated, and highly cooperative managers.

Our Corporate Officer and Management Teams utilize administrative and operational systems that are at the cutting edge of technological development and operational effectiveness. These systems allow Total Comm Systems to provide exceptional quality. The Total Comm Management Team develops, implements, and utilizes processes that ensure commonality and efficiency.

Finally, our Administrative and Operational supervisors study, develop, implement, utilize, monitor, and train all of our staff on the most effective and expedient procedures in the communications industry. This guarantees cost effective services with superior results

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