Total Comm Systems "Integrated Services" continue to exceed and set industry standards. Our company started out as an installation company. As a result of doing network installations we developed a vast knowledge of the networks and this gave us a competitive advantage in acquiring maintenance contracts. Arising from a desire to increase the services we provide to our customers Total Comm Systems added a new engineering and construction division. These new divisions have allowed us to further our operational effectiveness. Operationally the name Total Comm Systems, Inc. has become synonymous with excellence. Our client list is a list of who's who in the communications industry and our services list is remarkably comprehensive. We use state of the art project management software, state of the art IT platforms for collaborated information sharing, "Integrated Services" checklists, internal supply chains, a state of the art inventory control system, in house training programs, detailed documentation and closeout packages, and coordinated administrative services. Our staff are some of the most qualified and proficient professionals in the communications industry today. They are hard working, knowledgeable, innovative, and principled individuals whose reputation among our customers is impeccable.


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