Ever since the beginning of time human beings have looked for new and better ways to communicate. Mankind has come a long way since the days of cave drawings and smoke signals. Modern communications systems provide people with capabilities that the most innovative minds of yesteryear could not have conceptualized. The speed and accuracy of today's communications provides the user with a plethora of voice and data information. Technological advancements have transitioned the world from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. This Information Age has spawned a communications revolution that has presented vast opportunities to communications and business professionals with the proper measure of effort, results, and vision. Total Comm Systems was started in order to seize these opportunities.

Total Comm Systems History Timeline

2001 –
September 1st – Total Comm Systems is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania.
2001 –
September 5th – Total Comm opens its first office.
2001 –
October 22nd – Total Comm begins “Billable Hours”.
2002 –
March 1st – Total Comm hires its first new employee.
2003 –
February 15th – Begins providing system drawings services.
2003 –
December 15th – Total Comm does its first million in sales.
2004 –
March 30th – Total Comm awarded Bucks County Pennsylvania install contract.
2004 –
May 15th – Total Comm opens new state of the art office.
2005 –
Total Comm awarded contract for Puerto Rico and becomes an international
2005 – March 15th – Total Comm awarded M/A-COM contract for maintaining the Pennsylvania network.
2005 – April 15th – Total Comm moves into Alcatel office in Harrisburg.
2005 – September 1st – Total Comm awarded contract for rebuilding the Gulf States
communications infrastructure after the largest natural disaster in American
history; Hurricane Katrina.
2005 – December 15 – Total Comm moves into new office in Harrisburg with state of the art administrative, training, and warehousing facilities.
2006 – February 1st – Total Comm awarded contract with Department of Homeland Security.
2006 – March 15th – Total Comm awarded three year maintenance contract with Pennsylvania OPRS.
2006 – July 1st – Total Comm Construction is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania.
2006 – July 25th – Total Comm does its first five million in sales.
2007 – December 12th – Total Comm does its first ten million in sales.

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