Total Comm Systems provide the communications industry with engineering, construction, installation, and maintenance services. Our “Integrated Services” provide services through out each phase of a project. Total Comm Systems motto “Yesterday’s Work Ethic, Today’s Technology, Tomorrow’s Innovation” is not just our motto it is the cornerstone of the services we provide. The work ethic of each and every member of the Total Comm team is reminiscent of the "Hard Work Ethic" that made this country great. Understanding the technology of today ensures that Total Comm Systems' engineers, constructs, installs, and maintains reliable communications networks. In a world where technology advances at an ever increasing rate, we are committed to innovation. Our “Can Do” spirit, our commitment to an environment of cooperation, combined with our high professional knowledge factors provides the communications industry with excellence in service. Our mission is to provide the communications industry with the leadership, management, systems, processes, and procedures to ensure cost effective services with superior results. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and a communications revolution began. Today’s communications capabilities would amaze even the most innovative minds of yesteryear. Technological advancements have transitioned the world from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. The Information Age has spawned a “NEW” communications revolution. Modern communications provide voice and data with incredible speed and accuracy. Total Comm Systems was started in 2001 in order to become a part of mankind’s new hi-tech endeavor. Our Integrated Services provide the industry with turn key solutions. Headquartered in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania we also have offices strategically located throughout the country to ensure logistic efficiency. Total Comm Systems continually exceeds and sets industry standards.

The name “Total Comm” has become synonymous with highly operable highly reliable networks. Our client list is a who’s who in the communications industry and our services list is incredibly comprehensive. We have performed services for some of the most high profile government, public safety projects in the country. We use state of the art project management software and techniques, state of the art IT platforms for information sharing, “Integrated Services” checklists, internal and external supply chains, a state of the art bar coded inventory control system, in house training programs that are fully interdependent with industry and customer training programs, detailed documentation and closeout packages, and fully coordinated and comprehensive administrative services. Additionally, Total Comm Systems has established relationships with a variety of vendors to ensure we have the best equipment, materials, tools, and products to perform our services in the most efficient and effective manner.

Total Comm Engineering provides consulting services for systems engineering, drawings, transmission engineering, path alignment, licensing, detail engineering, factory build out, civil engineering recommendations, TSM work and engineering staffing. Total Comm Construction provides excavation of raw land, pours concrete for slabs, builds rooftop applications, runs electrical for power, erects various tower configurations, sets shelters in place, and installs alternate fuel sources, and erect security fencing and other various building services. Total Comm Installation also provides installation services for 1630 CSX, RDI 3100, 4000S, 1603/1612, FES301, MDR-8000, OC3/3DS3/ETH/T1, TSM 8000/2532, Omni Switch 6624, 1692 WDM, fiber, two-way, and cabling. Total CommInstallationalso performs testing and troubleshooting, and provides acceptance tests. Total Comm Maintenance performs emergency response services for systems under contract. We also perform preventive maintenance services to ensure the system stays properly functional, and we coordinate and develop the preventive maintenance schedules. We also perform systems upgrades to ensure the system is operating at its optimal level. Finally, Total Comm Maintenance designs and provides Network Operations Center Training Programs.

Total Comm Systems Board of Directors sets the directives for our Corporation. This leadership team has carefully been constructed of a cross section of professionals from the communications and business world. The foundation of our leadership is the principle of Integrity. Our demand for a strict adherence to moral and ethical principles guarantees service with the quality and excellence expected in such a demanding field. Our Corporate Officer Team is responsible for the implementation of the corporate policy. Our Corporate Officers are carefully selected to make certain the company is operating at its optimum level. The execution of the board’s directives is entrusted to the Management Team. This team is made up of individuals who have a reputation for excellence. Total Comms’ Leadership and Management Teams provide the individuals within our company to pursue their abilities, interests, and training. This instills dedication and creates passionate professionals.

Total Comm Systems is a model of success for the entire communications industry. We continue to exceed and set industry standards. Our staff is hard working, innovative, and principled and whose reputations among our customers are impeccable. We have developed a reputation for being a “Go To Company” by taking on “difficult” projects. This had built a level of trust with our customers that have solidified this reputation. As we have grown, confidence in our company’s ability to perform at the highest levels has also grown. Our customers continue to provide us with larger more challenging projects. Total Comm continues to excel by a strict adherence to our motto, our mission statement, and our principles. Furthermore, by adhering to the highest standards of excellence in administration processing, operational procedures, supply chain processes, and training certifications Total Comm Systems will remain an industry leader.

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